God´s wonderful creation

One has to come very early in the morning, while everything is still peaceful, quiet and when the sky is covered with uncountable pieces of glitter. The sky appears slowly, pulled up from an invisible hand like a theatre curtain. When the sun’s first rays come through onto the horizon, the morning dew transforms them into shimmering colours of jewels. Nature is awake again for another day as it has always been long before the first human was ever born. Perhaps the new day begins with loud cries after a quiet night.It’s the best time to find oneself and to experience the solidarity with nature,
to feel one with the cosmos and perhaps also the best time to portrait the nature. 
I´ve been living in Austria/ Europe it is a country full of picturesque Landscapes. I started my career as a shop-assistant in a Hardware-Store. After 3 years I changed to the creative job of a window-dresser. But I discovered more and more my love for photography and so I have been working hard to become a professional photographer. Until now I´ve been working for different magazines and organisations. Nevertheless my real love is to portrait the nature.
Since my youth I have been fascinated by the beauty and creativity of our planet and I love to portrait our nature.
Therefore I move around to catch this “preciousness” with my camera. For this purpose my favorite cameras are an analogic 4x5" and a panorama camera make LINHOF  which is known for robustness and reliability. It can be used purely manually, whereby simplicity and compactivity for this type of camera play a significant role for me. The detail loyalty of the lenses and the format of the films as well as the results recompense me again and again for the spent strain. Selecting the motives, it is important for me to represent them in a true-to-life manner.
I use only natural light and no colour filters. I reject fashionable trends, because the beauty of nature doesn’t require a correction.  An important aspect for harmonious nature photography is the fact that I respect nature and don’t try to understand it, because who understands already a “Grand Canyon”? What appears important is to detect the beauty and to move it into the right light.
If I stay then patiently, sometimes for hours or longer with my camera waiting for the suitable light, then it isn’t finally an ordinary nature photo that I shoot in the correct moment, but a picture which brings about my feelings, my admiration and my respect for nature closer to other people.

My Workflow

Step 1:

I´ve used  analogic cameras in format 4x5" and 6x17cm by LINHOF Cameras for my XXXL "portraits of nature" only.

Step 2:

I do always make a 1:1 scan from my analogic large-format slides in desired output size by every single order before printing onto an IMACON  FlexTight Precision Scanner by Hasselblad.

Step 3:

The print will be done on a DURST Omega HighEnd printer. We can print on any even surface material.


Before the image leaves our studio, it is first placed in a protective case and then in a custom-made solid package. The delivery service then sends your picture directly from our studio to your home.